Ep. 90B – Trade Truce + Banks OK?

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 90B - Trade Truce + Banks OK?

A conclusion to the G-20 meeting in Japan over the weekend has left the globe with a trade truce between the US and China. This time, however, there is no deadline as to when a deal must be struck. This is in contrast to the 90-day deadline that was established following the trade talks during the G-20 meeting in Argentina in 2018. This still leaves a tremendous amount of uncertainty, which is likely to translate into businesses still remaining skittish when it comes to making new plans. The Kapital News is of the opinion that since we are now in a trade truce, as was expected from the markets – what will the markets turn to next? If it’s fundamental economic data – the markets might not like what they see. On another note, the Federal Reserve released their findings from their bank stress tests and guess what? – everybody passed! Even Deutsche Bank passed, which just recently stated that they want to spin-off 50 billion euros worth of bad loans into a “bad bank” as well as lay-off an additional 20,000 employees. Have we stated that this is the financial world of Oz?

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