Ep. 91A – Trump Steps Into North Korea

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 91A - Trump Steps Into North Korea

In an historic move, President Donald Trump stepped into North Korea, becoming the first US sitting president to ever do so. The Kapital News is about peace and prosperity, so we applaud the President’s efforts to reach across the great divide to establish a relationship with Chairman Kim Jong-Un. While there are and will continue to be many critics, the one thing we must keep our focus on is the possibility that there could truly be peace and prosperity in the Korean peninsula. If the President of the United States has to make the first move and appear to “vindicate” North Korea’s leader, then so be it, if it should ultimately lead to peace, not war, to economic growth, not depression, and to friendship, not enemies. On this endeavor, Mr. President, The Kapital News applauds you and wishes you well – Godspeed!

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