Ep. 90A – US v. China + Harris v. Biden

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 90A - US v. China + Harris v. Biden

The G-20 meeting in Osaka, Japan has concluded and with it the talks between Presidents Trump and Xi. The world is now left with an indefinite trade truce. Neither side is increasing or decreasing their respective tariffs, but talks are set to continue. Last time these two leaders met from their G-20 meeting in Argentina, a 90-day deadline was established to get a deal struck before further tariffs would be levied from the US side. This time, however, there is no new deadline. While President Trump has stated that the meetings went better than expected, the Chinese media was reporting that there is a long road ahead before reaching a deal. If we enter into a war of the words between the US and China – who will the world and the markets believe? On a domestic front, Senator Kamala Harris went after former VP Joe Biden in round two of the debates and has received some praise and some criticisms. Regardless, it remains the opinion of The Kapital News that Senator Harris is going to be a formidable candidate on the Democratic side – the subsequent media coverage of Senator Harris is further evidence in our corner.

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