Ep. 126B – The White House in Damage Control?

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 126B - The White House in Damage Control?

The White House is scrambling on several fronts to get in front of some stories and to simply better communicate their position on others. Whether it’s the continuation of the impeachment inquiry, the “greatest” deal ever surrounding an alleged Phase 1 interim trade deal between the US and China, the escalation between Turkey and Syria, or the verbal jabs between President Trump and former VP Joe Biden, the White House is looking for a breather. Tomorrow evening the Democratic contenders for the Presidency face-off once again, but before the debate, we are expected to hear remarks/interview from Hunter Biden, the son of VP Joe Biden. Hunter has been called out recently by President Trump and his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, regarding Hunter’s professional positions and board seat(s) with companies involved with Ukraine and China. Arguing that Hunter never would have held those positions and earned that kind of money if it wasn’t for his father being the Vice President. This may very well be true. But if it’s good enough to investigate a former VP and his son, then it’s also right and good enough to investigate the President and his children who are intimately involved with his administration and are still engaged in foreign business transactions. The President has to be careful for what he wishes for because if investigations follow the Bidens, then they must follow the Trumps as well. Due to the escalation in Syria, VP Mike Pence is being sent to Turkey to broker peace or at least a truce/ceasefire. We are for peace and for ending these endless wars, but these recent actions were not taking place when US forces were in the area. The credibility of the US is paramount and leaving the Kurds, an ally in the fight against ISIS, to be massacred by Turkey is highly problematic, which is indicative of little planning by the President on this matter. We do hope for a peaceful resolution and for a complete end to these endless wars. Lastly, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin was out today making comments that IF a trade deal is not agreed to between the US and China over the coming weeks, that tariffs will increase on Chinese goods. Wait a minute! Weren’t we just informed by President Trump on Friday that the “greatest” trade deal regarding agricultural goods was just agreed to? More questions and problems regarding the credibility of this President and his administration. This is not good for the health of our Republic. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Recession #Impeachment #Justice #Peace #Truth #Economy #Politics #USA #China #TradeWar #Syria #Turkey #War

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