Ep. 126A – The Week Ahead 10.14.2019

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 126A - The Week Ahead 10.14.2019

This week is surely setting up to be one for the front pages. There will undoubtedly be further remarks and tweets from President Trump regarding an interim “Phase 1” trade deal with China. Short on specifics and reminiscent of this summer’s trade truce, we here at The Kapital News are highly skeptical of any deal of worth. Even if there is substance, this would simply take us back to where we were prior to the trade war in regards to the amount of agricultural products being purchased by the Chinese. Nevertheless, The White House will continue its jawboning and market manipulation tactics. Other market rallying headlines were the rumors of a Brexit deal in the works only to have conflicting stories come out this weekend claiming that there is still much work to do. The Queen’s Speech is also set to take place on Monday and if Parliament shoots down the vote on the Queen’s Speech then there is going to be much pressure on PM Boris Johnson to resign. This would only serve to throw another curveball in the Brexit saga. The Federal Reserve has started another round of QE. Welcome to QE4, but don’t you dare call it that – at least the Fed doesn’t want you calling it QE. Why? Because the Fed also claims that the US economy is strong and is in a good place, so then why would they need to engage in an emergency monetary policy? A rose by any other name is still as beautiful. #EndTheFed The Fed is also expanding their involvement in the overnight repo market. Recall it was initially just a one-off, then extended to 10 October, then extended to 4 November, now it’s going to last until at least January of 2020 (and it’s not likely going to be enough). There is also continuing escalation between Syria and the Turks. It is likely that if the Turkish military continues deeper into Syria that Syria will declare war against Turkey. Also, since President Trump has ordered the removal of US forces from Syria, the Kurds have now formed an alliance with the Syrian government in order to fight-off the Turkish military. This story has drawn the ire of Republicans and Democrats alike and are pressuring the President to hit Turkey with harsh sanctions to crumble their economy. It is unknown at this time as to what sanctions if any the White House will impose. President Trump is calling an end to these endless wars by withdrawing US forces from Syria, only to deploy thousands more to Saudi Arabia and surrounding countries to fend off Iranian aggression. Does this make any sense? Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Brexit #War #Peace #Economy #TradeWar #Politics #Impeachment #Whistleblower #Justice #Truth #Recession #Stocks

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