Ep. 125B – US/China Trade Propaganda

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 125B - US/China Trade Propaganda

With high-level talks expected to take place this Thursday and Friday in Washington, DC, all eyes and ears are anxiously awaiting the outcome. This is ridiculous in what’s supposed to be a free-market capitalistic system, that the masses await the words of a few people – sounds much more akin to a dictatorship if you ask us. The markets rallied today on the back of “positive” trade headlines that suggested that despite some of the recent moves made by the US against China that China was still willing to discuss and potentially agree to a partial trade deal. The markets must have a very short memory, because the President along with his chief trade advisor, Peter Navarro, have both claimed that they don’t want a partial deal, they want a complete deal. Now we understand that these men talk out of both sides of their mouths, but nevertheless, the markets are once again, for the millionth time, simply looking for any good news to warrant more stock buying. Interestingly, however, right before the US exchanges closed for the day and a couple times since then, reports were dropped claiming that no progress has been made regarding the trade talks and the markets sold-off from their highs with about twenty minutes remaining in the trading session. Then, more news came out during the futures trading session where the major indexes were down 1%. Basically giving back in a couple of hours what took all day for the market to gain and hold onto. Why? Because a story broke that the Chinese trade delegation might not stay until the weekend – just one day of high-level talks and then back to Beijing they go. And then another story broke that said things were again fine. We can’t make this stuff up. Market manipulation anyone? The first casualty of war – trade or kinetic – is the truth. We trust neither side anymore and that in and of itself is a sad statement, but we have been told for nearly two years that trade wars were easy to win, that a deal was close at hand, etc etc etc, and the result has been NO trade deal and only further escalation on both sides. We’ll now wait to see what BS they feed the masses tomorrow, the next day, and the many days that will follow. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Recession #TradeWar #EndTheFed #Economy #USA #China #Trump #Xi #Tariffs #FreeMarkets #Politics #Truth #Peace #Stocks #Debt #Justice #NoWar

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