Ep. 87A – Obliteration + Mentally Challenged

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 87A - Obliteration + Mentally Challenged

The rhetoric between Washington and Iran is heating up. Following the increased sanctions on the people of Iran along with the regime itself, has caused a rebuke from the Iranian leadership. President Rouhani of Iran was calling the US Administration “mentally challenged,” which of course caused a response from President Trump. In Trump’s tweet, he said the Iranians face obliteration should “anything American” be targeted and struck. Meanwhile, there is a trilateral meeting taking place in Jerusalem between the Israelis, the Russians, and the Americans. This is an attempt to de-escalate the Middle East tensions as the Russians are signaling that Iran is their ally, while Israel and the USA continue to view Iran as a threat. As we have stated here previously, this can escalate quickly and could easily turn into WW3 – let us pray this is not the case. #PeaceNotWar

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