Ep. 86B – US/China Showdown

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 86B - US/China Showdown

At the G-20 meeting in Japan later this week, global leaders from the world’s largest economies are set to make headlines. Front and center will be the get-together between President Trump and President Xi. In the midst of an escalating trade war, the two leaders are finally set to meet to size each other up. What will transpire is anyone’s guess, but the markets are hoping for good news so that stock prices can continue to rally. The Kapital News isn’t so certain of any good-to-great news other than President Trump likely tweeting or commenting that things are “great.” Well, we’ve heard this song and seen this dance before, so forgive us if we don’t take the President at his word on this one anymore. Both nations have much to gain and much to lose. However, we are talking about two world leaders that like to exude a “strong-man” figure, so it’s unlikely that either will cave-in to the other’s demands easily. Escalation? Truce? Or deal? We’ll soon find out – stay tuned to The Kapital News.

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