Ep. 443 – The Social Disorder

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The Kapital News
Ep. 443 - The Social Disorder

This weekend we witnessed more protests with the return of the Yellow Vests in France and a large march in Belarus, amongst others. As The Kapital News has been arguing extensively since last year, these protests and riots will continue and get worse before they get better. The global financial and political system is coming to an end and it will not be a pretty decline. In other, but related news, as The Kapital News has also been reporting and warning of, the world’s weakest links are cracking and will continue to do so. We have covered Venezuela and Lebanon’s economic, social, and political turmoil for months and have been warning about the next links in the chain of Turkey and Iran. Over the weekend, we are witnessing significant declines in these countries’ currencies. A direct symptom of a system in decline. This type of weakness in one’s respective currency is already the result of inflationary actions, and if these declines continue, and The Kapital News believes that they will, then these countries and others should be bracing for hyperinflation as well.

The main discussion for today’s podcast centers around a recent documentary that was watched by podcast host, Alex Karidis, titled, “The Social Dilemma,” on Netflix. This documentary focuses on current and former tech executives and engineers responsible for building and monetizing some of the world’s largest social media platforms. The consensus among the group is that the negative side effects are outweighing the positive. They don’t see this ending anytime soon either, as there is simply too much money to be made. The film highlights the mental health issues that are being experienced by many, but with particular emphasis on children and teenagers. They also explore the political ramifications and election meddling that can and likely will take place – and not by “hacking” these platforms, but rather by simply utilizing the tools that these platforms already readily provide. These platforms play a major role in moving people further and deeper into their respective political silos, which creates a vicious downward cycle of division within this country and others. This is destructive and incredibly dangerous should this trend continue and it appears that it will for the foreseeable future. The Kapital News recommends that you watch this documentary with your friends and family or at least inform them of this most important and timely discussion for both political reasons, and more importantly, the mental health of your children and family. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Economy #Protests #SocialMedia #USA #BananaRepublic #Protests #Riots #Inflation #Depression #Recession #Gold #Silver #Liberty #Revolution

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