Ep. 432 – VP Mike Pence Day III

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 432 - VP Mike Pence Day III

Day three of the Republican National Convention and the keynote speaker was that of VP Mike Pence. His speech did what it had to do to reach the Administration’s base and to potentially get those leaning on the fence. The speech attempted to show stark contrasts between the Trump/Pence, Biden/Harris tickets by highlighting tax policies and law and order or the lack thereof. However, the speech was filled with half truths and misinformation – this is par for the course in politics. This will likely be a race to the finish line and tomorrow we’ll see how Ivanka Trump and the President do with their respective speeches.

Also, thoughts and prayers are with those facing the destructive hurricane that is, Laura, a category 4 storm (at this time). It is expected to make landfall overnight/early morning and bring storm surges as high as 20 feet. The devastation from this storm is likely to be heartbreaking. Thoughts and prayers are also with those in Wisconsin, especially those who have been shot in overnight riots, as well as to Jacob Blake, who was shot earlier this week seven times in the back by police officers. Unfortunately, as The Kapital News has been saying since last year, protests and riots are coming, and they will intensify.

Lastly, the Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, is expected to make remarks tomorrow expanding the Fed’s view of inflation. Read between the lines – this means inflation is here, it’s going higher, and the Fed is willing to “tolerate” this for a period of time. Let’s see how long the people of this country and around the world are willing to tolerate purchasing power destruction, higher costs of living, and lower standards of living. You thought 2020 was wild and bad enough already – you ain’t seen nothing yet. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #RNC #DNC #Politics #USA #BananaRepublic #EndTheFed #Gold #Silver #Debt #Recession #Depression #Protests #Liberty #Revolution #Inflation

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