Ep. 302 – Iran Retaliates

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The Kapital News
Ep. 302 - Iran Retaliates

The first casualty of any conflict or any war, is the truth. With that said, in the fog of war it is too easy to get the facts wrong. This evening, Iranian forces retaliated against American interests by attacking with missiles, Iraqi air bases that house US forces. There is mixed reporting as to whether or not there have been any American injuries or deaths, but what we do know is that via twitter, statements have been made by both Iranian and US officials.

On the Iranian front, the Foreign Minister has stated that Iran was justified in attacking these air bases as a matter of self defense in response to the recent American assassination of a top Iranian general. He continues by stating that Iran does not want things to escalate and that Iran does not want war. President Trump also commented via twitter stating that “all is well,” at least for now. That the US will be assessing closely the situation and will take account of the damage at the air bases. The President is expected to make comments tomorrow morning.

There is early speculation and analysis that Iran targeted these sites purposefully with the intent of not doing any physical harm to any American life. This would afford the regime the ability to show their people that they responded with force against the Americans. Yet at the same time, allows for a message to be sent to the Americans that Iran has the capability to attack with precision, but having chosen not to could be a message to Washington, that they are serious in de-escalation. Time will tell. All we can hope for is that this leads to constructive dialogue and not further destruction. Let us pray for peace. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Peace #War #USA #Iran #Iraq #Oil #Economy #Politics #Truth

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