Ep. 301 – The End Game: Economy + Iran

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 301 - The End Game: Economy + Iran

With so much breaking news taking place on the economic and geopolitical front, a reasonable question to ask is, “what’s the end game?” The Federal Reserve, along with many other global central banks are priming the presses and added billions of dollars of liquidity on a daily basis. The “temporary” repo market intervention appears to be anything but, as we make our way into the 4th month of Fed intervention. Just today, the Fed added nearly $77B into the market – the result? US markets starting out the day in the red and ending in the green. There is no market. There is no price discovery. This is a completely manipulated market. Meanwhile, we continue to see further economic numbers showing a continued stalling and decline. A look at the Services PMI out of Japan is now in contraction as well with a reading of 49.2.

On the geopolitical front, which still has major implications on the global economy, were the first shots of WWIII fired just last week when the US assassinated an Iranian general and other officials? Many analysts are saying yes. This is not a good day in world history. Yes, the Iranian general was not a good man, but how many other bad men are out there? Did another just take his place? When will this end? Which leads us to our question of this podcast – what is the end game? What kind of retaliation will there be from Iran? Or will this major gamble from President Trump pay-off? Let us pray for peace. But if history is any guide, and it’s usually one of the best, then this escalation is just getting started. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Peace #War #Economy #Politics #Truth #Justice #EndTheFed #USA #Iran #Iaq

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