Ep. 271 – The Calm Before the Storm?

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 271 - The Calm Before the Storm?

While it was a relatively slow news day, there were a handful of stories worth discussing. Most of these topics were follow-ups to yesterday’s Week Ahead segment. The world is on pins and needles and is undergoing a massive sea change in the domain of politics. People are growing sick and tired of the corruption, abuses of power, nepotism, and the unethical and immoral treatment of their fellow citizens at the hands of their own governments. The truth must be known and justice must be served in order for this planet to heal and move on to the next phase of our journey. Which despite the current hardships, the next chapters may prove to be some of our finest – if, if we can work together. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Truth #Justice #Peace #Economy #Politics #Recession #Protests #Impeachment #EndTheFed

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