Ep. 129B – Brexit: When Will It All End?

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Ep. 129B - Brexit: When Will It All End?

Another day and another vote (or two) in the House of Commons. While UK PM Boris Johnson gets his first major victory during the first vote in today’s session – approving the Withdrawal Agreement, he was not so lucky on the second vote. The second vote pertained to an expedited schedule to get the Brexit deal through the legislative process and Parliament said no. MPs want more time to go through the agreement’s entirety and to have a thorough economic analysis conducted prior to giving their full blessing. Recall, the referendum was in June of 2016. Over three years and there is still bickering and much uncertainty around what a Brexit will actually look like. Now, given the outcome of today’s votes, it appears that the proverbial can is likely to get kicked further down the road. Despite the appearance of further dither and delay by Parliament, PM Johnson is still steadfast in his rhetoric that Brexit will take place on 31 October – only a handful of days away. Given other recent votes, this is now less and less likely and attention will now be paid to EU officials to see if they grant the UK yet another extension. There remains many moving parts when it comes to Brexit and should we be surprised that such high drama or dark comedy is unfolding in the land of Shakespeare? The only question is, in what act do we find ourselves?

In other news we discuss Q3 earning’s season, further news from Boeing, and the deal agreed to by President Erdogan and President Putin surrounding Syria. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Brexit #UK #Democracy #USA #Turkey #Russia #Syria #Justice #Peace #Truth #Boeing #Economy #Politics

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