Ep. 129A – Trick or Treat: October Volatility

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 129A - Trick or Treat: October Volatility

Known for being a highly volatile and historic month for the markets, the stage is once again set for the month of October to be either a blockbuster or a bust. The same month that gave us Black Tuesday in 1929 and Black Monday in 1987, now has to contend with a scandal surrounding Boeing, one of the world’s largest companies. A Federal Reserve, FOMC, meeting at the end of the month, which is likely to see further easing and a further explanation as to why they’re increasing their balance sheet – yes, this is QE. The saga of Brexit that continues, the saga of the US/China trade war that continues, and further global economic data deterioration that continues. In the midst of all of this, the market finds itself in a share buyback “blackout” period. Buybacks have been the lifeblood of these markets for some time. So take all of these things together and we have quite the witches brew just in time for Halloween. Will central banks be able to ” rescue” the markets, and/or will some kind of “resolution” to Brexit, the US/China trade war, and other geopolitical stories bring out animal spirits or awaken the bears? Thus translating into record-breaking highs on the US stock indexes or will this decade long bull market give way to the bears coming out of hibernation? Time will tell and if history is any indicator, the month of October will give us a good glimpse into the future. #Boeing #Recession #Economy #Justice #Truth #Peace #Politics #Stocks #Invest #Debt #TradeWar #USA #China #Syria #Turkey

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