Ep. 121B – Whistleblower Complaint Department, Part I

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The Kapital News
Ep. 121B - Whistleblower Complaint Department, Part I

With the whistleblower complaint released to the public, we wanted to take the time to read the report in its entirety. There are four parts to the complaint and an appendix. In this podcast, we get through the introduction and parts I and II. On yesterday’s podcast, we read aloud the memo from the Office of Inspector General for the Intelligence Community (ICIG) regarding this matter. The Inspector General found the whistleblower and the complaint to be of an “urgent concern” and “appears credible.” The whistleblower makes clear that he/she was not a member to the phone call in question between President Donald Trump and President Zelenskyy of Ukraine. However, the whistleblower claims that he/she was briefed on the call by other officials. The “transcript” that was released by the White House regarding this phone call and the details provided by the whistleblower, appear to be in agreement. So even though this is hearsay, the sources of the whistleblower have been given some credibility on this matter since what they told the whistleblower, jives with the White House “transcript.” Another point of interest is that the whistleblower claims that there is a “word-for-word” transcript in existence, which is “customary.” The White House did not release a verbatim transcript. In fact, it notes “caution” this is not a verbatim transcript, but rather notes taken by Duty Officials who were listening to the call. The White House is/was attempting to get ahead of having this transcript subpoenaed and released it on their own with the argument that there’s nothing to hide and that this administration is transparent. This now raises a serious question because if there was a word-for-word transcript, then why was that one not released? This is a question for both parties – this can call into question the credibility of the whistleblower if there is not a verbatim transcript. It will also make it appear that the White House is hiding information if it’s proven that there is in fact a verbatim transcript in existence. Further, the whistleblower does “name names” to a degree. The one highlighted herein is Ambassador Kurt Volker who was a US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations, whom happened to resign this evening. There are a lot of moving parts and we need to be patient and allow the truth to be found. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Whistleblower #Impeachment #Justice #Truth #WakeUpAmerica #Peace

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