Ep. 121A – “Urgent Concern” + “Appears Credible”

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The Kapital News
Ep. 121A - "Urgent Concern" + "Appears Credible"

“Urgent concern” and “appears credible” is the language from the Office of the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community (ICIG) regarding the whistleblower’s complaint of wrongdoing by President Donald Trump. Despite the fact that the Democrats had decided to move forward with a formal impeachment inquiry prior to the release of the whistleblower’s complaint, the letter from the Inspector General to the Acting Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire, states that given the US statutes that guide his decision-making, and following a preliminary review, the whistleblower’s complaint meets the definition(s) of “urgent concern” and “appears credible.” This letter outlines the reasoning as to how and why the ICIG came to this conclusion. It is also made known that the whistleblower is a member of the intelligence community, either directly or through a contractor. At this time, as is allowed by law, the whistleblower has elected to keep his/her name withheld, however, the Inspector General does know the identity of the whistleblower. It is also noted that an attorney has been selected by the whistleblower and that all communication is to go through said attorney. Further, it is expected that the whistleblower will appear before Congress in the future. The Inspector General also states that during their preliminary review, that the whistleblower does appear to have a political bias against the President and is in favor of a Democratic Presidential contender. Nevertheless, given the preliminary review, the Inspector General states that the evidence provided by the whistleblower outweighs any such political bias – as the complaint rises to meet the definition(s) of “urgent concern” and “appears credible.” In addition, while we will also cover the whistleblower’s complaint, as it too has been declassified and made public, the complaint is in general agreement with the telephone call transcript that The White House released yesterday. This investigation will take time and understand that this is US political history in the making. A sitting US President will either be impeached and possibly removed from office, or this will become one of the biggest political blunders of all-time on behalf of the Democratic Party if they cannot impeach the President. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Whistleblower #Justice #Truth #InspectorGeneral #Congress #2020 #WakeUpAmerica

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