Ep. 112A – Silver Rush + Market Disbelief

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 112A - Silver Rush + Market Disbelief

Given central banks the world over standing by to once again adopt an interest rate easing cycle along with new rounds of QE, this is setting the stage for a precious metals bull market run. The early innings of this bull market are evidenced by the recent price performance by both gold and silver alike, along with mining stocks. But be mindful that nothing goes straight up or down. The globe is awash in $17 trillion worth of negative yielding debt and some of this includes corporate junk bonds! Completely unsustainable in the opinion of The Kapital News, but nevertheless, the real-negative interest rates that exist will likely prove to be a boon to the precious metals market. In other news, the major US indexes were in negative territory for the day. But the main point is to focus on the credibility of the President, his Office, and his Administration. We had the markets rally yesterday on the tweets by the President claiming that China made a phone call and wanted to continue “talking.” China denies this. So whom to believe? This is more important than GDP figures, “winning” or “losing” a trade war and saving face. The credibility of the President himself and the Office he holds is of the utmost importance. Given the recent actions and rhetoric by President Trump – something is clearly amiss, and one side, the US or China is lying. Who will the markets begin to believe? Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Recession #Economy #Silver #Gold #WakeUpAmerica #EndTheFed #Politics #Stocks #Peace

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