Ep. 112B – Brexit Drama, Again!

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 112B - Brexit Drama, Again!

So there’s more drama surrounding British politics and the saga that is Brexit. The PM, Boris Johnson has decided to suspend Parliament, thereby calling for the Queen’s speech. This is a common practice for a new PM and is a highly ceremonial process, which of course is comprised of a speech by the Queen. However, what makes this time slightly different is the fact that this suspension will be longer and comes during a time when the 31 October Brexit deadline is drawing near. This means that there will be fewer days available for members of Parliament, MPs, to debate Brexit. They have had three years and there is still no deal that has been agreed by the British government and the Parliament. What do these politicians think they can actually achieve with another few weeks of discussions? Of course the actions taken by the PM have further divided an already polarized Parliament and country and it can be expected that protesters will take to the streets and there may even be a vote of no confidence of the PM. The people voiced their opinion back in June of 2016, it is now time for the British government to make good on that referendum – deal or no deal.

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