Ep. 99A – Draining The Swamp?

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 99A - Draining The Swamp?

A serious question we’re posing here on today’s podcast. While this was never going to be an easy undertaking, the question still remains. Cutting taxes, but not cutting spending. Record revenues and profits for military-industrial corporations, as well as the banking sector. Are not these the industries that swarm and “own” the swamp? If they’re doing so well then how is this swamp being drained? We don’t demonize profits and success, unless they’re gained fraudulently or through questionable relationships with the government. Former members of Goldman Sachs, Boeing, and Raytheon occupying some of the highest offices in the USA. So?… It has come to light that the only thing the two-party system can agree on, is raising the debt-ceiling and thereby increasing the national debt of the country. So another question is warranted – where are the fiscal conservatives? Or is everything ok since a Republican is in the Oval Office? Serious questions that need answered by a public that is supposed to be eternally vigilant. #WakeUpAmerica #Freedom #Peace

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