Ep. 92A – Is War Inevitable?

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 92A - Is War Inevitable?

With all the talk around President Trump meeting with North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, this should be seen as progress and moving in the right direction. Iran, on the other hand is another story. Tehran and Washington DC have been exchanging words on Twitter and throughout the press escalating what is already a situation waiting to go up in smoke. The US has an ever increasing military presence in the area. Its most recent move has been to deploy F-22 stealth fighter jets to Qatar, which can only be construed as a show of force and preparation by the US and is likely taken as a threat from Tehran. Or worse yet, the US is preparing to strike Iran. The price of oil must also be front and center in this discussion because major oil and gas exporting nations in the region, particularly Saudi Arabia, depend on oil trading at higher prices to sustain their economy and with it the social order. The world has recently witnessed six oil and chemical tankers being struck over the last two months – will there be another attack to get the price of oil back up? If so, will the President of the United States order an operation against Iran in retaliation? These are serious questions and this is why The Kapital News asks – Is War Inevitable?

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