Ep. 88A – The Democrats Debate: Take 1

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 88A - The Democrats Debate: Take 1

It was round 1 this evening as about half of the Democratic party’s 2020 Presidential candidates took the stage for the first of many debates to come. Tomorrow evening will be Take 2 with the remaining candidates who met the threshold to make it to the stage. 2020 is already a stark contrast to 2016 whereby it was basically the coronation of “Queen” Hillary Clinton. It is a good thing for our republic to hear as many voices as possible when determining the outcome of a Presidential election. It just happens to be unfortunate that so many of these candidates are proponents of poor and highly flawed policies. Nevertheless, there were some good moments during the debate and it’s reasonable to assume that as the political season marches onward that the arguments will become sharper and the debates more informative. #DemsDebate

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