Ep. 589 – April Fools Jobs Report

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 589 - April Fools Jobs Report

The market consensus was looking for a gain of one million jobs in the month of April. Instead, the figure came in at +266,000. This was quite the miss. However, it certainly gives at least another month of cover for fiscal and monetary authorities to continue with their narrative that more policy intervention is needed. From the White House, both the President and Treasury Secretary were stating how there is still a long road ahead. They also mentioned how the extension of unemployment benefits has no impact on this dismal jobs number. Instead, they cite the effects of the pandemic and the costs and lack of availability of child care. Interesting to note, however, is that members of the Federal Reserve did mention that the extension to unemployment benefits likely did impact the jobs number for April. As many people are getting paid just as much to stay home as compared to actually working. This belief by some Fed members was stated because, first of all, it is true, and then secondly, those extensions are a fiscal measure, not a monetary one. So the Fed is more than happy to throw a fiscal policy under the bus and shift the blame from themselves onto Congress and the White House, even though they are the ones financing such fiscal policy nonsense.

Clearly, both fiscal and monetary policy authorities want the “gravy-train” to continue as do the markets. And despite this dismal number, markets rallied and made new highs on the DJIA and the S&P500. This is a function of central bank liquidity, which continued to march higher this week and with it equity prices. This is the true narrative to monitor. If markets continue to buy into the rising liquidity injections, then they climb higher, if they cease to buy these actions, then it is game over, as this is the only thing that is propping these markets up. And it is not just the equity markets, but the bond market, and others as well.

The fiscal and monetary policies introduced last year and this year will continue to drag future economic growth downward, while also leading to increased costs across the board in commodities, and items needed to live. Housing and rents continue climbing higher, as do construction and building materials, as do commodities, from base metals, to agricultural products. These price increases will translate into great economic, political, and social strife in the coming months and years and this will be a global phenomena. Some of this fallout is already being witnessed in smaller countries, where they are near collapse or are already there. This trend will continue to make its way up the chain impacting larger economies and countries. This funny money coming from Uncle Sam is anything but a gift from the government, and it is anything but free. The costs of which will be some of the most expensive in human history in terms of price increases, social and political impact, lower living standards, and lost opportunities. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Economy #Jobs #Inflation #USA #Liberty #Protests #FoodPrices #EndTheFed #bananarepublic #FireCongress #Bailouts #Debt #Spending #Revolution #Leadership

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