Ep. 565 – Milgram Experiment + Global Authority

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The Kapital News
Ep. 565 - Milgram Experiment + Global Authority

As the saying goes, never let a crisis go to waste. Now while we may never know the true origins of Covid-19, we do know the actions and rhetoric that have been undertaken since the pandemic began. The Milgram experiment is one that seeks to study how people respond to authority figures. In essence, it was attempting to look at how obedient people are when given instructions by an expert. The Kapital News has been noting the similarities between the Milgram experiment and what has been taking place globally with respect to the actions taken and orders given by health officials and politicians. Governments by their very nature are institutions of force and are viewed by the general public as authority. Therefore, once one understand the Milgram experiment, it becomes rather easy to make the connection that what is being undertaken right now on a global scale, is a massive Milgram experiment.

In the actual study, test subjects are led to believe that they are administering electric shocks to another participant, should that participant answer a question incorrectly. And as more questions are missed, the higher the voltage of the shock. In reality there was no shock. The purpose was to see how far the test subject would go in shocking the other participant, simply because the participant answered incorrectly, and/or was told by the authority figure, someone in a white lab jacket, to continue administering shocks. Taken to the last and largest level of voltage, if actually given, would have killed the participant! And to the surprise of Milgram, his colleagues, and students, they found that most people would simply continue to follow the orders of the authority figure, even if they wanted to halt the experiment. Now while it is a good thing that no one actually died during this experiment, because most test subjects would administer the lethal shock, the same cannot be said today.

This is because this is the real world and the lockdown and restrictions have permanently destroyed businesses of all sizes, especially small firms. Furthermore, the mental health of people being locked down and restricted for one year, is deteriorating. What effects, short and long-term may this have on society and the economy at large? In addition, the narrative continues to change as to wearing one mask or two, how far to sit or stand from one another, whether schools can reopen or remain closed, same for businesses, who gets the vaccine and when and where, and on and on. Then take into consideration the constant bombardment from various media outlets that talk non-stop about the pandemic and bring one “expert” after the next onto the airwaves to tell people what to do. Starting to get the picture? Especially when one understands the data around Covid-19 and that the survival rate is near 99.5 percent. Something just does not add up, until you connect the dots and ask yourself, might this just be a global Milgram experiment? Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Pandemic #MilgramExperiment #Control #Economy #Protests #Liberty #USA #Leadership #FireCongress

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