Ep. 533 – Fake Unemployment!

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 533 - Fake Unemployment!

Jerome Powell, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, made some comments this afternoon, and one in particular pertained to stating that the “real” unemployment rate is closer to 10 percent. The BLS just released the jobs report last Friday and informed us that the official unemployment rate is 6.3 percent. This is quite the discrepancy. So what gives? The Kapital News believes this is the first of many one-two punches to be thrown by Treasury Secretary, Janet “Dingbat” Yellen, and Jay Powell. Recall that Yellen was the former Chair of the Fed. This past weekend, Yellen made comments supporting the $1.9 trillion spending package being proposed by the Biden administration, arguing that its passage will help return the US economy to full employment. This is hogwash. Nevertheless, we now have Mr. Powell arguing with official government statistics, which is highly uncommon, and also arguing that monetary policy will remain accommodative until we once again reach full employment. Clearly, something is afoot. Especially when one considers how important the “independence” of the Fed is in the eyes of Fed officials. They always note how important it is for the government to stay out of the business of the Fed. So why is the Fed so concerned with the policies of the government? Wouldn’t this invite political interference into their decision-making?

The Kapital News believes that the Federal Reserve along with the Treasury Secretary, know that they are trapped. They know that their fiscal and monetary policies have run their course and are at their end. But they also do not want to take any responsibility for their actions since the GFC and so they would simply rather continue with the same policies as opposed to admit their mistakes and change course. This pride or perhaps complete ignorance and incompetence has proven to be and will continue to be extremely expensive and destructive to the economy. The inflation that has thus been generated will continue to make its way throughout the global economy. The first to be affected has been and remains financial assets, but inflation has also been hitting healthcare costs, commodities, and food. It is in these latter groups where the most destruction will occur. Most people do not own financial assets, but everyone needs food and energy. Even with respect to financial assets, as prices go higher for equities and housing, it prices much of the population out of these markets because they cannot afford them. It is one thing to be in a position where one cannot afford equities and/or housing. It is a completely different situation when they cannot afford their utilities, transportation, medical care, and food. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Economy #Jobs #Fraud #FakeMarkets #Fake #Bailouts #FireCongress #bananarepublic #EndTheFed #Recession #Depression #Inflation #Gold #Silver #USA #Liberty

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