Ep. 527 – A Central Banker’s World

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 527 - A Central Banker's World

It is a central banker’s world and we are the lucky ones to be living in it (sarcasm). If you find yourself reading an article on a particular central banker or central bank then you will know all too well how these figures and institutions are praised as opposed to scrutinized. You will also notice a trend of these figures gaining more power in politics. Janet Yellen for one, was the former Chair of the Federal Reserve, and is now the Treasury Secretary. And with the collapsing government coalition in Italy, the Italian President is tapping the shoulder of Mario Draghi, the former President of the European Central Bank for assistance. If Mr. Draghi’s efforts are successful in pulling together a coalition, then he may very well find himself as the next Prime Minister of Italy.

Last week we highlighted the meetings at the World Economic Forum and talks of “The Great Reset.” We also highlighted the global economic projections by the IMF. Is it just coincidental that the same people who are invited to the WEF and serve as members on panel discussions and as keynote speakers, are also people in positions of power to move these types of agendas forward? The recent market volatility has of course caught the attention of politicians and regulators alike and we can be all but certain that more laws and regulations will be placed on the markets and the people. Recent market activity and movements on social media platforms were not organic. Rather, these were sinister ploys to achieving an end – and we are going to find out soon what that is. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Economy #Markets #Liberty #EndTheFed #Revolution #Debt #Inflation #bananarepublic #Gold #Silver #USA #Protests

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