Ep. 516 – Make Peace, Not War

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 516 - Make Peace, Not War

There is dry kindling all around the globe, and it will only take the smallest of sparks to ignite an inferno. Several governments have already collapsed and others are on the brink; with some of them being major economies and world players. The global economic chain can maintain its structural integrity when a few of the weaker links breakdown, think Venezuela and Lebanon. However, should larger links in the chain join their ranks, such as Italy, then the ripple effects will be tremendous and will likely put the whole system into a tailspin. Momentum and inertia are powerful forces that may start off small and slow, but can quickly gain speed and power, which can have the effect of catching many people off guard; which can turn into a problem in and of itself.

Governments the world over have overstayed their welcomes and this has been evident for some time and most recently seen over the last two years in mass protests. These will continue, assuming they are “allowed” to. Should governments get carried away and use force to put down peaceful protests, then the only option that many will resort to will be violence. This can happen. It can happen quickly and it can easily spiral out of control. Look at the United States of America for example – this week is the inauguration in what is supposed to be a peaceful transfer of power. This is a hallmark of our republic. But no, not in 2021. On 20 January, we are going to witness nearly 30,000 national guardsmen and federal agents patrolling Washington, DC. In addition, there are nine foot high barbed-wire fences, checkpoints, and other restrictions. We also have an outgoing President who will not be attending the inauguration, which is tradition. This is a tragic scene and will forever be a stain on the country’s history.

Despite all of this and so much more, this does not mean that war is inevitable. Let us pray that it does not happen. However, from a realistic standpoint, rooted in human behavior, psychology, and history, would lead one to put the odds in the favor of conflict as opposed to peace, at least initially. The solutions exist and we have the blueprints. It is called the US constitution and free-market capitalism. It is called equal justice under the law. And it is called humanity and civility. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Economy #Liberty #Revolution #FireCongress #Debt #Jobs #Inflation #Gold #Silver #Vote #USA #EndTheFed #bananarepublic #Recession #Depression #Peace

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