Ep. 453 – Presidential Showdown – Trump v. Biden

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 453 - Presidential Showdown - Trump v. Biden

Tomorrow will be the first Presidential debate between President Trump and former VP Joe Biden – taking place in Cleveland, Ohio and hosted by Fox News anchor, Chris Wallace. During today’s podcast we discuss the potential outcomes and various scenarios of tomorrow evening’s event. However, what we stress the most during our conversation today are the structural issues facing the country, and if any of these topics will be addressed. We imagine that a couple will be noted, but we’re not holding our breath that brilliant policies will be mentioned either. In fact, we believe that some of the biggest issues will not even me mentioned – such as the Federal Reserve and their policies; the bankruptcies and insolvencies that are waiting in the wings; the national debt – but more specifically, the question of, “do debts and deficits matter, and if yes, why, and if not, why not?” Are the candidates concerned about inflation, stagflation, or hyperinflation? Are they concerned with a stock market at record levels, with respect to valuations? Are they concerned with the solvency of the US Treasury? Or what about the millions of evictions that are likely coming down the pike once the moratoriums are lifted? These are some basic questions and concepts that need to be addressed and taken seriously, but something tells us that they’re barely going to receive a mention and even if they are – the candidates will not likely address them head-on. This is a failure of leadership – but with all this said, The Kapital News hopes to be proven wrong – that these questions will be asked and that they will be thoughtfully and thoroughly answered. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Economy #RNC #DNC #Trump #Biden #Election #USA #Debt #Inflation #Gold #Bailouts #Liberty #Revolution #BananaRepublic #EndTheFed

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