Ep. 445 – Town Hall Showdown, Trump v. Biden

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 445 - Town Hall Showdown, Trump v. Biden

This evening the President gave a town hall event, hosted by ABC News, in Philadelphia, Pa. The President fielded questions from the audience and he held is own. Of course, the President was his usual self with a mixture of the truth, misinformation, distortions, exaggerations, and lies, but nonetheless, the President speaks in a manner that still resonates with many people. The audience was comprised of supporters and non-supporters and asked questions related to healthcare, the pandemic, race relations, and other relevant and timely topics. This gives us a little sample of the upcoming Presidential debates and how the President may respond to similar questions.

Later this week, on Thursday, Joe Biden will be at a town hall event, hosted by CNN, in Scranton, Pa. A lot of media coverage, especially from the Republican side, has been hyping up the debates, and are looking for Joe Biden to have a major mess-up. Should this occur, then the image that the Trump campaign is creating of Joe Biden, of a bumbling, unaware, old-man, will play right into their hands. So, this town hall may very well play a key role in seeing how Biden can handle himself in front of a live audience. Of course, Biden was on the stage for several debates throughout the primary season, as well as other televised town hall events, and he is now the party’s candidate – implying that he too held his own. There are stark contrasts in style between Trump and Biden as with ideologies, and these town halls provide us with a glimpse of what to expect in the coming debates. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Economy #Recession #USA #Inflation #Gold #Silver #Protests #BananaRepublic #Depression #EndTheFed #Liberty #Revolution

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