Ep. 388 – The Looting of America

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The Kapital News
Ep. 388 - The Looting of America

Coast to coast protests and riots continue across the country as people make their voices known in response to the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of police, one week ago. Peaceful protests are needed in such times, however, violent riots, doing harm to others and property, and theft are not to be tolerated.

After a week of protests that turned quite violent over the weekend, the President finally came out and made a formal address to the nation from the Rose Garden. His statement was more about being a “law and order” President and using the US military if need be to put down the riots, if cities and states are unable or unwilling to do so. There is no question, that those who do harm to others and/or property need to be held to account for their actions. And while watching on TV, and seeing many police across the country, simply standing idly by while this type of carnage occurs – is shocking to say the least and should not happen. The police are to police and uphold the rule of law and keep their communities safe. Peaceful protests are a right – violence is not. So while there will be many who welcome the President’s message of “law and order,” it must also be noted what was missing. And that’s a true call for unity and for peace. One that transcends the politics and relates to the issue(s) at hand. One that strikes the chords of empathy, sympathy, frustration, and optimism. These unfortunately, are not the strengths of the President and so he resorted to playing the “tough guy” role with threatening military force on the streets of the United States.

We have been saying here for months that the global protests will be coming to a theater near you – well here they are! We’ve also been saying that the only global leaders during these historic times are the people protesting around the world – finally standing up for themselves and against these corrupt and abusive governments. The message from the President tonight was not a message of unity nor a show of strong leadership that this moment demands – not just for the protests but for a whole host of issues that we discuss here daily. A house divided cannot stand.

The looting of America is now on display, but one more than the other – at least from a TV point-of-view. This weekend we witnessed many rioters running into various stores and stealing an untold amount of merchandise. While this is criminal and should not be tolerated – where also is the outrage over the looting of America from the White House, Congress, Wall Street, Corporate America, and the Federal Reserve? Most items stolen over this weekend consist of a lot of cheaper items “made in China.” Well what about the billions and trillions of dollars being printed out of thin air and thrown at Wall Street, Corporate America, and the government to do as they please – with little to no oversight? Where’s the outrage?! People will eventually wake up to this and they’ll pay dearly for it in inflation, stagflation, and possibly hyperinflation in the months and years ahead – there is no free lunch. And to boot, despite Great Depression like numbers, a global pandemic, and now protests and riots across the country and the world, and a breakdown in the US-China Phase I trade deal, the markets are nearing all-time highs. Just wait until Main Street figures out what Washington DC and Wall Street have been doing – these protests and riots are just getting started. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Economy #Protests #USA #Bailouts #Depression #Recession #Debt #Gold #Peace

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