Ep. 374 – American Dream or Ponzi Scheme?

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 374 - American Dream or Ponzi Scheme?

A very fitting title for today’s podcast as we digest further the national debt, national deficit, State and local debt, and household debt. With over $25T and growing, will this national debt ever be paid back and if so, how? Will it take the form of inflation, stagflation, hyperinflation, default, and/or some combination thereof? These are serious questions that have serious consequences. The American people need to wake up to the fact that the US economy is a Ponzi scheme – especially at the government level. Broken promises, whether that being Social Security, government and/or corporate pensions, Medicare, etc… These are huge price tags and it places an ever-increasing burden on younger and future generations and taxpayers – making this by default a Ponzi scheme. Why? Because the scheme relies upon new entrants/taxpayers/investors to come into the system to support earlier contributors. The Kapital News is of the mindset that the government in conjunction with the Federal Reserve are well aware of this and thus explains their insane response to printing and spending. These institutions know the fragility of the system. They know it is a Ponzi scheme and thus they are implementing such policies to the tune of several trillion dollars because they have to keep this fraudulent system alive. Otherwise the masses will awaken to such fraud and demand real change. So that old American dream of getting an education, a solid job with a pension and/or retirement plan, buying a house, starting a family, and hoping your kids have it better than you did – well, that dream is getting awfully expensive and is looking more and more like a nightmare. And the price tag just keeps going up!

The global protests that we witnessed well before COVID19, are starting back up and we imagine they’ll be even more intense. Be on the lookout for civil war(s), government overthrows, and war(s) amongst nations. We stated for months that these protests were not transitory, but rather history in the making. And we ain’t seen nothing yet! Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Economy #Jobs #Debt #Bailouts #Recession #USA #Depression #Protests #Oil #Gold

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