Ep. 352 – Free Was Never So Expensive

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 352 - Free Was Never So Expensive

There’s no such thing as a free lunch and the American people are about to learn this lesson the hard way! One bailout package after the next, whether from the federal government or Federal Reserve, is going to create inflation and then hyperinflation and the value of your purchasing power and your savings will be destroyed. Deficit spending nearing levels not seen since WWII and we’re only getting started. Bailouts to corporations that squandered their resources. Bailouts to banks because that’s what we do in the United States of America. Bailouts to individual states and their pension plans are most likely next in the lineup. The Federal Reserve buying nearly every asset possible – from government debt, mortgage-backed securities (both residential and commercial), to “investment grade” corporate debt, to establishing US dollar swap lines with other central banks to bail them out along with their respective countries. Amongst a whole host of other alphabet soup facilities they come up with to “save” or “stimulate” some part of the markets. This is a complete joke and it’s the people of the world along with the American people who are going to be paying the price. Be ready for higher taxes. Higher inflation/hyperinflation. Bigger deficits. Lower living standards. And eventually, prepare yourself for another war. No, nothing is free, but be sure to wait, and in awhile, you shall see. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Economy #Bailouts #Debt #Recession #Deficits #USA #War #Peace #Depression #Republic #Gold #Oil #Bonds

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