Ep. 277 – Impeachment Hearings, Day IV

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 277 - Impeachment Hearings, Day IV

A big day on Capitol Hill with the testimony of Ambassador Gordon Sondland. Perhaps the most damning day against President Donald J Trump as Amb Sondland makes the connection between the President and withholding a Ukrainian visit to the White House and foreign aid – in what Amd Sondland calls a quid pro quo. Both political parties were caught off guard as to what Amb Sondland was going to testify to. His opening statement was lengthy and detailed and highlighted the motivations of the President, which was inconsistent with what the President and the Republicans have been arguing. The Republicans were completely stunned and dumbfounded following the opening statement, which was evidenced by the poor questioning from both Ranking Member, Devin Nunes, and minority Counsel Castor. However, following the break and when individual members of the committee were able to ask questions, the Republicans were able to create a defense for the President. This is like splitting hairs in our opinion, but nevertheless, it was a defense. It was also made known that on 9 September, a phone call between President Trump and Amb Sondland, the President allegedly claims that he wants no quid pro quo and that all he wants is for President Zelensky to do what he’s supposed to do and fight corruption. The timing is highly suspect as 9 September is the same day that it is made known that there is a whistleblower complaint. The next day, 10 September, former National Security Advisor, John Bolton resigns. The next day, 11 September, the Ukrainian foreign aid is released. Is this all just a coincidence? We think not.

Furthermore, the Republican defense now seems to be, unless someone can step forward with video or taped audio evidence/confession of President Trump clearly ordering a bribe – then the President is innocent. This is such a weak argument on so many levels, we’re not even going to waste our time explaining it. In addition, Amb Sondland implicates a number of other officials, such as VP Mike Pence, Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, Acting Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, former National Security Advisor, John Bolton, and President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani. The Republicans have been complaining about a lack of firsthand witnesses – fair enough. Then they should be calling for the President to allow these individuals to testify and for various agencies and departments to release documents that can shed light on this whole issue. The Kapital News is not interested in the partisan atacks and arguments. We are interested in truth and justice. We do not care who is named and implicated. The sake and health of our Republic is at stake and the truth is needed now more than ever. The divisive partisanship has to cease or the collapse of our Republic will be near inevitable. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Truth #Justice #Peace #Impeachment #TradeWar #Politics #Recession #Economy #Protetsts #EndTheFed

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