Ep. 105A – 2nd Amendment + Gold Rally

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The Kapital News
Ep. 105A - 2nd Amendment + Gold Rally

Given the recent mass shootings over the weekend in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, it’s prudent to have a discussion surrounding this hot button issue. The topic of the 2nd amendment becomes a partisan argument, generally with Democrats calling for more control and regulations of firearms. While the Republicans are staunch supporters and defenders of an individual’s right to bear arms. What gets lost in this debate is the fact that Democrats are all about power and control. From providing “free” services from cradle to grave, managing our healthcare, increasing our taxes, and then taxing us when we’re dead, it’s simply never enough. Now, when such an incident occurs, the Democrats call for more control and regulations when it comes to firearms. This is, like most of their arguments, one based on emotion, rather than on data and logic. There is no doubt that losing a loved one to such an incident is tragic and heartbreaking. Yet is it not also tragic and heartbreaking to lose a loved one to drugs (legal and/or illegal), alcohol, smoking, cancer, heart disease, suicide, medical error, auto accident(s), etc…? By the way, all of these contribute to more deaths and injury than mass shootings. All of the above are tragic, yet where are the Democrats calling for psych evaluations for driving a car or drinking alcohol? What about restricting doctors, since they are human and make mistakes – sometimes, unfortunately leading to death? Where does it end? What is the principle that Democrats are basing their decision to regulate and even confiscate guns? Yet the other concerns above are fine to continue as normal? Is it simply the media spectacle that follows – therefore it’s attention that serves as the basis of their argument as opposed to data? It appears so. Legislation cannot make a wicked man righteous. In other news, with global negative yielding debt hitting $15 trillion and seemingly no end in sight, this has given gold and silver a chance to run. We believe this is likely the start of a gold and silver bull market, as central banks the world over are signaling further rate cuts and their respective versions of quantitative easing. All of this gives the precious metals the fuel it needs to climb higher and likely so for several years to come. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #EndTheFed #2ndAmendment #WakeUpAmerica #Gold #Silver #Economy #Stocks #Bonds #Politics

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