Ep. 104A – Global Market Sell-Off + Currency Manipulation

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 104A - Global Market Sell-Off + Currency Manipulation

So the trade war between the US and China has taken another step as China is willing to allow the Yuan to depreciate against a basket of currencies, and they are halting the import of US agricultural products. On the US side, following China’s response to further tariffs being placed on Chinese products, the Trump Administration has officially named China a currency manipulator. What this means is truly anyone’s guess as the open secret is that all countries are currency manipulators in one form or another. Nevertheless, this is a clear signal that the two parties are further apart. As such, this information sent global markets spiraling to the downside, with many global equity indices losing as much as 3%. Yields on government debt continue to make all-time lows in many nations and are nearing all-time lows in many others. This is a function of a flight to safety, as well as markets anticipating that central banks around the world will continue to cut interest rates. In other news, President Trump signed an executive order placing further pressure and restrictions on the Venezuelan regime, thus increasing those tensions. According to South Korea, at least two more missiles have been fired by North Korea. This is of course following the historic visit from President Trump when he stepped foot into North Korea in late June. Also, tensions are rising between the Indians and the Pakistanis regarding the Kashmir region. What we have is a lot of dry powder and a number of lunatics wandering around with boxes of matches. What could possibly go wrong? Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #EndTheFed #WakeUpAmerica #Economy #Recession

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