Ep. 416 – An Utter Disgrace

The Kapital News
The Kapital News
Ep. 416 - An Utter Disgrace

A truly disgusting and disgraceful performance was on display today during the testimony of Attorney General William Barr before the House Judiciary Committee. This cuts down both political parties, but this afternoon it was the Democrats’ turn to make a mockery and a spectacle out of our system. On nearly every occasion that the AG was asked a question by a Democratic member of the committee, Mr. Barr was rudely and quickly interrupted when attempting to answer the question. The rehearsed line by the Dems was, “it’s my time,” or I’m reclaiming my time,” as they interrupted. Well isn’t it also AG Barr’s time too? In fact, isn’t the purpose of the hearing to hear what AG Barr has to say on a number of issues pertaining to the Department of Justice? Yes, of course! If the Dems just want to grandstand, then pick a news outlet, pick a reporter, pick your favorite social media outlet and grandstand. But when you have a member of the Administration before you, or anyone else for that matter, then be respectful and civil. And above all else, ask serious questions that keep people in positions of power in check and allow them to answer the questions. Our republic is based on an informed citizenry. When its citizens do not have the information, then how can we be expected to make the right decisions? We could go on about this, but we digress. This was an utter disgrace.

Of course another utter disgrace pertains to the conclusion of the FOMC meeting tomorrow where the Fed will likely keep rates at all-time lows and announce that they will continue to do “whatever it takes,” which has become their new de facto motto. In addition, the Fed announced that their alphabet soup of emergency facilities will be extended through the end of this year. The previous expiry was for the end of September, but as we stated during yesterday’s podcast, this is the “Week of More!” Therefore, we should not be surprised by this decision. We could continue on this as well, but we digress for now. Stay diversified, stay vigilant, and stay with The Kapital News. #Economy #Gold #Debt #Bailouts #USA #BananaRepublic #EndTheFed #Protests #Revolution #Liberty #Silver #Recession #Depression #Inflation

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